VLF Group Models

Short description of capabilities of HAARP heating models by VLF group members

Author Derivation of Δσ from HF emission Derivation of ΔJ from Δσ VLF emission from ΔJ
Nikolai non-maxwellian (kinetic) model, 1D, straight rays, self-absorption 3D, vertical B, static (divergenceless) current mode method: horizontal currents only, vertical B, waveguide effects are included, emission both into ionosphere and earth-ionosphere waveguide
Robb maxwellian (thermal) model, 3D, ray tracing, self-absorption (same as Joe) no waveguide effects, emission below ionosphere only
Joe (same as Robb) 3D, time-dependent (oscillating) current (same as Forrest)
Forrest - - FDTD method