Synchronize the mortgage interest and term in both calculators

Traditional Mortgage Calculator

Loan amount: $
Interest rate: %
Term: years (enter Infinity for interest-only)
Monthly payment is $---.--

Realistic Mortgage Calculator


Annual gross income: $; fraction that will be used for mortgage: %
Realistic monthly payment: $---.--
Interest rate: %; term: years (enter Infinity for interest-only)
Debt that you can afford: $---.--

Your dream house

Target house size: sqft at $ per sqft
House price: $---.--

Down payment

Required fraction for down payment: %
You need $---.-- down
Your saving rate: %; savings interest: %; inflation: %
You have to save $---.-- every month and you need --.-- years to save this money

Your disillusionment

You will have this house after --.-- years
You have to be at most --.-- years old now to see it happen
(if you work until you are years old)

Last updated: 2007-07-30