Intermediate Salsa, Summer 2006

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Cross-body lead
Right hand, left hand
Right foot, left foot
Clockwise (to the right), counter-clockwise (to the left) turns.
1 turn, 1/2 turn etc.
1 turn means a full (360 degree) turn. Therefore, 1/2 turn is 180 degree turn etc.
M, W
Gentleman, lady
LH-RH etc.
Gentleman's left hand is holding lady's right hand
RLLR hold etc.
RH-LH and LH-RH hand hold

July 5

Review of beginner's moves

Under-arm turn
Start in LH-RH hold
1-3Back break (back on 1, forward on 2, together on 3), lift LH on 3Back break
5-7Side break (Side to the right on 5, side to the left on 6, together on 7)Forward on 5, 1/2 turn CW and step forward on 6, 1/2 turn CW and together on 7
Cross-body lead (CBL)
Start in open or closed hold.
31/4 turn CCW and side step to the left, open the "corridor" for WForward
5Side to the rightForward
6Side to the leftForward, 1/2 turn CCW
71/4 turn CCW and feet together, face WFeet together, face M
CBL with an inside turn
Start in open or closed hold. The M's steps are the same as CBL, while the hand motion is different.
1-3Same as CBLSame as CBL
5Side to the right, lead W forward with LHForward, while gaining momentum to turn CCW (by slightly turning CW)
6Side to the left, LH goes up and leads W to turn 1/2 CCW1/2 turn CCW, while stepping back (since you turned, this is the same direction as step on 5)
7Together, while leading W forward and to a full CCW turn1/2 turn CCW while stepping forward, spin on LF 1/2 turn CCW to face M and retract RF, to get ready to step back on 1

Natural Top

Start in open hold.
1Back breakBack break
3Forward, leaning to the left in order not to collide with W, get into closed holdForward, leaning to the left in order not to collide with M
5RF crosses behind LFForward
6-7Walk forwardWalk forward
On counts 5-7 both M and W turn CW around each other. Usually it is a full (360 degree) turn for both.
1-7You can finish this combination with a CBL. Note that on 1 M has to make a bigger step forward than usual.
Variation: During the 2nd measure: on 1-3, M steps to the side and W makes the back break, then W performs swivels.

July 12: "Kentucky"

In this combination, we learn the cuddle position.
Start in open hold.
1-2Back break on 1, forward on 2, swinging LH upBack break on 1, forward on 2
31/4 turn CW and side to the left; LH goes down over W's head1/4 turn CCW and side to the right
At this point, we are in the cuddle position. M and W are facing the same direction, M standing behind W.
5Back break, after turning 1/4 CW, to see W's faceBack break, after turning 1/4 CCW, to see M's face
6-7Forward and to the side, returning to the same position as after count 3Forward and to the side, returning to the same position as after count 3
1-3Back break to the other side (right), symmetrical to counts 5-7Back break to the other side (left), symmetrical to counts 5-7
You can repeat the moves on previous beats 5-7 and 1-3 as many times as you want. Usually "Kentucky" refers to only 1 repetition. At the last repetition, on count 3, M lifts his right arm. The M's footwork in the next counts 5-7 is called a hook turn.
5After 1/4 CW turn, cross RF behind LF. At the same time put RH (which was raised on count 3) on left elbow. LH palm faces up, making a "window"Same as 5 in previous measure
61/2 CW turn, step forward (away from W); release the LHSide or forward break
71/2 CW turn, step forward (towards W); RH lets go W's handFeet together

July 19: Gentleman in cuddle position

Start in open handhold.
1Small back breakBack break
2Big step forward and to the left to avoid collision with W, lift RH making a window (palm faces up)Forward
3Feet together, RH goes down over head, 1/4 turn CCWForward, 1/4 turn CW
Now M is cuddled by W. They face in the same direction, W behind and to to the left from M.
5-73 steps backward3 steps forward
Both rotate ~ 3/4 turns CW as they walk
1-31 more step backward and march in place, facing W. Slide out of the cuddle by bending body forwardWalk forward and march in place to face M
5-7Under-arm turn
Variation: W performs a double spin (2 turns CW) instead of an under-arm turn in the very end (on 5-7). To make it happen, M must make his LH go, leading W with his RH.

July 26: "Titanic"

Preparation for the main combination
1-7Start in closed hold, perform a CBL into an open RRLL hold, RH above LH
1-7Under-arm turn, keeping hand connection. Finish with LH above RH.
The "Titanic" proper:
1-3Start CBL with inside turn
5-7Lead W into the inside turn, raise LH on 6 and lower on 7Incomplete inside turn (1 CCW turn instead of 1 1/2)
Finish facing in the same direction, M behind W (Titanic position).
1-3Back break while checking both hands downward. On 3, raise RH and release LHSide break
5-7Side break. On 7, ask for W's LHUnderarm turn (1 1/2 turns CW)
At this point, face each other in RLLR hold, LH is below RH. The next 2 measures are have exactly the same footwork as the previous 2 measures (CBL with incomplete inside turn, side break facing same direction and an underarm turn). The hand motion is different (keep the hand connection until directed to release it):
1-3Start CBL
5-7Incomplete inside turn (1 turn instead of 1 1/2). M's RH swings up on 6 and down over W's head on 7.
1-3Back break, touch W's left shoulder with RH on 1Side break
5-7Side break, finish facing W; LH on W's waist level1 1/2 turns CW (underarm turn), finish with LH behind the back
This position is similar to the hammerlock position from the next class except the handhold is different (RRLL instead of RLLR).
1-3Start CBL, brush W's hair with RH, release RH on 3Back break
5-7Finish CBL, leading W with LH to an inside turnInside turn
1-3Brush his hair with LH and release it, get into closed position, start CBLBack break
5-7Finish CBL

August 2: Hammerlock combinations

The hammerlock is a handhold in which W's LH is behind her back. The M's RH holds W's LH at her waist level, and LH-RH connection is the same as in usual open hold. M and W face each other. To get into the hammerlock, W does an under-arm turn while M keeps connection in both hands (LH up, RH is kept at the waist level).

Hammerlock with inside turn

This is the simplest way to get out of the hammerlock position. During the first measure, get into hammerlock, during the second measure, W performs CBL with inside turn. The hands stay connected through the whole combination.

Inverse hammerlock

1Start in the hammerlock position
Back breakBack break
31/4 turn CW, then to the side; lift LHSide after 1/4 turn CW
Now M and W face the same direction, M behind W
51/4 turn CW, then back break; lower LH, raise RH1/4 turn CCW, step back
6Step forward1/2 turn CCW, step forward
7Feet together1/2 turn CCW, feet together
Now we are in the inverse hammerlock position, M holding W's RH with his LH at her waist level.
1-3Start CBL, release LH, raise RHStart CBL
5Finish CBL, with RH lead W to make 1 1/2 CW turnsOn 5-7, make 1 1/2 CW turns: on 6, step forward
61/2 turn CW and step back
71/2 turn CW, step forward and 1/2 turn CW
Finish combination facing each other.


1-7Get into the hammerlock positionGet into the hammerlock position
1Forward, swinging LH upBack break
2Forward, then 1/4 CCW turn, swinging LH over your headForward, while turning 1/4 CCW
3To the side, while bringing both hands forward. Now M and W are back-to-back.To the side
5Lift RH over your head and use it to lead W into a CW turn; bring RF together with LF1/4 turn CW, feet together
6-7March in place while leading W to complete the 1/2 turn1/2 turn CW, march in place

August 9: Dip

Start in open hand hold position
2Back, pull W's RH with your LH, to get her closer to youForward
3Put W's RH on you back at waist level; put your RH on W's back at the level of W's center of gravity; step to the sideForward
5W dips to M's left
6-7W stands up
1Continue with the basic step
Variation for fast music: W dips on 5-7 and 1-3, stands up on 5-7 and the couple continues the basic in the next measure.

August 16: Social Dance Salsa Party at 8:00pm

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