General info

Current work at the University of Hawaii

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Previous Work at Stanford HEP group

In 2000-2001, I was a postdoctoral student at the Neutrino Physics Group at the Physics Department of Stanford University.

Ph. D. research at VLF group

Until March 2000 I was a graduate student at the Physics Department of Stanford University. I worked in the VLF Group at the Electrical Engineering Department, where I studied energetic electrodynamic phenomena associated with thunderstorms. My advisor was Umran S. Inan, the director of STAR Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Tutorials and references

LaTeX sources of some of them.
  1. Maximum entropy method. Slides of a talk that I gave for an Astrophysics Seminar class.
  2. Introduction to molecular spectra. Tutorial talk at VLF group colloquium.
  3. Conversion between systems of units - a self-cooked reference.
  4. Plasma kinetics tutorial. This is a set of two lectures given by me for Prof. Umran S. Inan's Plasma Physics course, containing Fokker-Planck equation and spherical expansion of kinetic equation. The old version is here.
  5. Magnetohydrodynamics - a short summary.
  6. Error and Kramp functions - useful in plasma science.

Programs and utilities

  1. plotcma.m - MATLAB function to plot a CMA diagram for cold 2-component plasma, with E field polarization.

Various Physics Links

Physics of upper atmosphere

Astrophysics links

Atomic physics links

Physics is Fun

  • W. Siegel - theoretical physics parodies as well as serious useful stuff.

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