Nikolai G. Lehtinen

As of now (October 2008), I am back to my alma-mater, Stanford University, working for my Ph. D adviser as a Research Associate. Before that (2002-2004), I was a postdoc at the University of Hawaii, Department of Physics and Astronomy. Before November 2001 I studied acoustic detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford Neutrino Physics Group, which is a part of the Physics Department of Stanford University and is headed by Giorgio Gratta. I got my Ph. D. in Physics in March 2000 at the same department, under Umran S. Inan, who is the director of STAR Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department and the head of the VLF reseach group. For my Ph. D. thesis, I studied energetic phenomena associated with thunderstorms, namely the relativistic runaway electrons and terrestrial gamma ray flashes. My ex-wife Lidiya is also a student at the same department in Douglas Osheroff's ULT Group. Before entering Stanford, Lidiya and I studied at the Radiophysics Department of Nizhniy Novgorod State University, Russia.

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